VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs


REVOLUCION PUTA by Maria Galindo

Screening and talk with the director
June 25Th, 8pm, VBKÖ
(BO 2023 / 52 min., Spanish with English subtitles)

What is the real door and what is the false door to enter the whore’s universe with a camera? Arrive with a sign that calls it as sex work and thus pay with that settle the first debt to satisfy the regulationists? Arrive with a sign that calls it as patriarchal oppression that must be abolished, paying the first debt to satisfy the abolitionists?

REVOLUCION PUTA, runs through this universe with, through and from them claiming a single place of inalienable legitimacy that does not assume outstanding debts with anyone; it is the place of THE WORD IN THE FIRST PERSON.

With members of OMESPRO -the organization of self-managed sex workers- from La Paz and Santa Cruz as the direct protagonists and creators of the story, REVOLUCION PUTA does not end by complying to strictly cinematographic parameters, but rather transcends them as a cinematic political manifesto in the first person, without giving up the construction of a visual poetic story.

María Galindo is a Bolivian activist, radical feminist, psychologist, writer and communicator, co-founder and leader of the collective Mujeres Creando collective.

with the support of Alerta Feminista Austria, Feministisches* Bloco Descolonial, Gewaechshaus

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