VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs


The Female Landscape


9 March – 6 April 2022
Opening hours: Wed – Fri: 14:00–19:00, Sat: 12:00–18:00

Opening: 8 March, 17:00–21:00
Curator’s Tour:
10 / 17 / 25 / 31 March, 14:00–19:00
Workshop: 17 March, 18:00 (Registration: info@c-20.art)
Guided Tour in collaboration with unsichtbar: 18 March, 19:00–22:00 (Meeting point: unsichtbar, Never at Home, Schellinggasse 13, 1010 Wien, Registration: info@c-20.art)
Artist Talk: 19 March, 15:00
Visual Analysis: 19 March, 18:00

Tina Graf, Claudia Larcher, Stephanie Misa, Anna & Maria Ritsch, Song Jing

curated by Paula Marschalek & Alexandra Steinacker for C/20

Within the exhibition “The Female Landscape: Rethinking the Body through the Photographic Image and Beyond”, the female body as landscape is investigated through a feminist lens, exploring the various factettes and intermedial states of being a woman. How we define what nature is today is pulled into question. The body is constantly interacting with its environment, being formed and defined by external factors such as those determined by society. As bodies are defined by their environments, in this way the environments are also defined by bodies. The body morphs into landscape, becoming a patchwork of cultures and relating to other environments in the process. Some artworks within the exhibition are photographic, but other works engage with photography in innovative ways, accompanied by sculptural, aural and moving-image works. This creates a more stimulating installation as all as furthers the discussion of rethinking the landscapes not only of the female body, but also of artistic practice and medium specificity within the arts.



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