VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs


The Archive

Take it! make it ! activate it!

VBKÖ-Archive, which has been constructed by women artists themselves, like the VBKÖ itself has lived through and changed with history from the latter days of imperialism, to the fall of the Habsburg Empire and WWI, Austro-Fascism, the Nazi Era, but also through the progressive movements in the arts in Austria all the way to the current expansion of the European Union and the austerity cuts in public funding.

The take it! make it! activate it! VBKÖ-Archiv contains significant material components, antiquated files and collections from 1910, the time of the foundation of the VBKÖ to 2005 and enables, for example, an overview of the history of the VBKÖ through the nearly-complete exhibition catalogs available.

Archival objects, as 632 files, prints and work contents (a 22 meters work collection), are available for observation. The conditions of use and provisions of reproduction can be viewed on location. The itemization process is currently over, although additions are expected, which place an updated reissue of the inventory on view.


The inventory list of the archive (compiled by Sabine Harik, PhD) was released in 2006, expanded by the Findbuch zur Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs (Ed.: VBKÖ, Rudolfine Lackner) as well as the download, for the purpose of independent preparatory research. The archive is accessible following previous arrangement: archiv@vbkoe.org


Confrontation archive and history
To date, there are 26 artistic and scholarly projects that deal since 2004 with the archive, the Nazi past and with post-colonial and racist practices in a critical way.

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