VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs


Extraterrestrial bodies, Queer worlds and Trans-galactic networks

Extraterrestrial bodies, Queer worlds and Trans-galactic networks

An evening of performances exploring contemporary debates on intersectionality and privilege, through migrant/post colonial and queer bodies and networks.

Thursday 21/03/13
From 7pm

The VBKOE has transformed into an intergalactic port for displaced bodies. Hostile, Friendly, Celestial and Alien, meeting, dissecting and transforming, as visual and auditive languages, diverse and alter-worldly collide. A discourse in physical and virtual interfaces, stimulating new languages and supportive networks.

Performances by:

Bernadette Anzengruber (Austria)
Nina Frgic (Zagreb, Croatia)
Verena Duerr (Vienna, Austria)
KLITCLIQUE (Vienna, Austria)
Marissa Lôbo (Brazil)
Heidemarie Pyringer (Vienna, Austria)
Sophia Süßmilch (Munich/ Germany)
Salvatore Viviano (Palermo, Italy)

Concept and Organisation: Ashley Bailey

Bernadette Anzengruber
(stage II)

The durational performance is one of many fragments of the ongoing project DORIS X MARGARET, engaging with the character of a balloon seller. It is referring to a spontaneous intervention by the artist at MASC Foundation in 2009 and an off-stage performance at Kunstraum Niederösterreich in 2011 and will be continued at Kunstraum Niederösterreich in May this year.

Bernadette Anzengruber, born in 1980, lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

She studied at the Academy of fine Arts Vienna, Vienna (AT), the University of Greenwich and Kingston University, London (GB) and works in the fields of performance, video, installation and text. Upcoming show:  THE KEYS TO HER PLACE, VBKÖ, Vienna (AT)Awards: Birgit Jürgenssen Award; Organizers Award at the International Video Festival Bochum for just a meaning that you attribute to it. http://www.bernadetteanzengruber.com/

Nina Frgic

La Plage

My ears have not yet drunk a hundred words

Of thy tongue’s uttering, yet I know the sound.

—William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

In a performance about voices and knowledge Frgic explores the validity and marginalisation of spoken words in social space and the society built on (self)censure. The title is the expressive extension from the word Bitch, which is sometimes written in feminist writing discourse as La Bitch, spoken exactly as a Beach – a landform along the shoreline of an ocean, sea, lake, or river. Instead of La Bitch the title is La Plage meaning on the Beach.

Spoken Languages: German, Spanish, Polish, French, Croatian, Turkish, English

Authors: Simone Weil, Virginia Woolf, Audre Lorde, Chris Kraus, Donna Haraway, Germaine Greer, Annie Le Brun, Mary Shelley

Nina Frgic, born in 1980 in Zagreb, Croatia. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Marissa Lobo

A lecture performance showing three video performances, and a discussion.

Fuck your white supremacy celebrated sexuality.

Safer sex? Fuck Europe, here I am to stay, Super puta Praderstern.

Iron mask- White torture.

The three video performances are an intervention on colonial desire and violence, otherness, sexuality, racialised bodies, contra aesthetics, migrant-precarious bodies, migrant identity, sex work, society’s double morals, the regime of Western body politics and white supremacy.

Marissa Tarsse Guimaraes Lôbo Obczernitzki, born in Brazil, is an black activist and a member of the autonomous organization for women migrants, maiz, in Linz. She studies Post-Conceptual Art Practices at the Academy for Fine Arts in Vienna. http://www.maiz.at

Sophia Süßmilch

Sophia Süßmilch is, as almost always and especially these days, gonna make some huge announcement. She will not stop until the end.

Süßmilch works in and within all media and genres. Within her work she is dealing with body constructions and politics, the art market and the claim of art to be universal. She has a soft spot for all that is absurd. So, everything, actually. Her work is always oscillating between ironic distance and aggressive nearness; humor is her most beloved weapon of choice, slapstick her favourite trick to escape from asking-questions-giving-answers, having opinions, making  statements etc. pp.

DILLETTANTISM is always written in capital letters, anyway, all -isms, and she is going to shred everything that is easy and fun. The byproduct of doing that, THEY call art.

Sophia Süßmilch, born in Dachau, Germany in the last millennium and is gonna die in this one. She does’nt know where yet. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria. http://www.flachware.de/sophia-suessmilch/

Verena Dürr


MASENGHINI is a literary-performative alter ego project by Verena Dürr. She invents a golem like poet-and writer-personality with strange habits, who tries to interact with a world full of ambivalence, inconsistence and tilting moments. While trying to create identity, he/she – depending on his/her mood – develops poetry with decadent-romantic tendencies, minimalistic sound pieces and surrealistic patterns of action.

Verena Dürr, born in 1982 in Vienna. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria. www.soundcloud.com/masenghini


Around 2004 the rappers MC Zystitis und MC Kolpitis founded the KLITCLIQUE after having painted graffiti and consumed sexist rap music together. After having completed a couple of unpopular appearances at so-called FreeStyleRapBattles and hip hop parties where jurors and crowd consist of 97% males, thanks to the repeated shy invitations from the feminist/queer scene, the KLITCLIQUE can celebrate with friends. No longer only having enemies.

While working on their careers as emerging visual artists, the power structures, mechanisms and people of the art world are increasingly gaining importance as a bashing-target. Consequently they have sometimes been called “critical”.

KLITCLIQUE performances take place at non-periodic intervals around the Vienna Gürtel, in cellars, on the street, and on the art market.

Warning: Explicit Language

The KLITCLIQUE use props and language in their performances in response to an environment that still ignores women’s sexuality, wants to control it and generally finds it irritating. http://klitclique.wordpress.com

Heidemarie Pyringer

Office for the registration of applications for attestation on possible factors on discrimination.

According to Abraham Maslow´s hierarchy of needs we all have the same basic needs: physiological (nourishment), safety, a community (love/belonging), esteem (respect) and self-actualization. Gender, race, class, nationality, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, culture, health, age, property and geographic locality determine the level and your personal probability of discrimination. Who has never experienced the feeling of not belonging? In certain situations, when removed from our usual environment, we might feel like extraterrestrials. Or perhaps it seems like it is the others who act as extraterrestrials.

Heidemarie Pyringer, born in 1979 in Vienna. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Salvatore Viviano

Needs you.

At the age of 18 Viviano decided to leave his home country. His love for soft cheese brought him to Paris, where he remained for a long time. In 2009, he moved to Vienna, where he made new friends. He makes fun out of fun. He prefers to play with pop ignorance rather than pop culture: “It’s more fascinating.” (interview, The New Contemporary)

Salvatore Viviano, born in 1980 in Palermo, Italy. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria. http://www.salvatoreviviano.com/

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