VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs




Opening: 06. June 2019
Exhibition duration: 07.-27. June 2019
Opening hours: Friday and Saturday 15:00-19:00

Vinko Nino Jaeger
Nataša Mackuliak
Ivana Marjanović
Em Schwarzwald

A/Rhythm Heartbeat Detector starts with our bodies and the histories written into them. By connecting with the ghosts from the past the aim is healing and change.

Vinko Nino Jaeger and his work History Channel builds a bridge from Stephan*ie Hollenstein and the Nazi past of VBKÖ to the present asking all of us „How do you decide today?“.

Ivana Marjanović‘s work, created with her sister Marija Marjanović, is a reconstruction of the memory about her great-grandmother Olga and her friends, their secret involvement in the antifascist front of women in Yugoslavia during WW II. This work is connected to the research of Nataša Mackuljak on the historical continuities between radical leftist women’s actions and feminist performance art in former Yugoslavia.

In her one-to-one performance Em‘s Place Em Schwarzwald cares gently for the hands of every participant who is at the same time her entire audience and – while being connected through hands as a symbol of work – they will ponder the question „How does class feel?“.

A/Rhythm Heartbeat Detector presents a map of interconnectedness through histories. It detects in our bodies individual and common histories of social, political and art actions. It collects knowledge and experiences on how migration, gender, sexuality, history politics, violence, resistance and class bring us together or separate us.

Thursday 06.06
19:00 Opening
20:00 Performance by Vinko Nino Jaeger

Thursday 13.06/ Friday 14.06
19:00/20:00/21:00 Perfomance by Em Schwarzwald

Saturday 22.06
17:00 Performative reading by Nataša Mackuljak
19:00 Painkiller party
20:00 Performance by Sanja Lasić
20:45 Painkiller party

Thursday 27.06
19:00 Book-making with Vinko Nino Jaeger

Walter Seidl, 22.06.19
„A/Rhythm Heartbeat Detector: Verhandlung der Vergangenheit in der Gegenwart“

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