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Star(s) Speak


07–31 October 2020
Thu / Fri / Sat 14:00–19:00 or by appointment (starsspeak2020@gmail.com)

Opening: 07 October 2020, 14:00–21:00
Curatorial tour: each Saturday, 15:00 and upon request (starsspeak2020@gmail.com)
Symposium: 31 October 2020, 10:00–17:00

Artists: Caspar Heinemann, Evan Ifekoya, Sophia Mairer, Himali Singh Soin and Linda Stupart
Curators: Clemens Rettenbacher and Frederike Sperling

The group exhibition Star(s) Speak brings together five artists whose practices reconcile and appropriate the poetical as an emancipatory force. Where poetry fails to operate within established semantics and canonized patterns of meaning it constitutes abstract spaces for the imaginary. Occupying and acting from within such spaces, the invited artists propose bodily, speculative and at times otherworldly strategies for creating and conveying meaning. They do so by transcending the regime of stigmatizing language – ultimately disrupting the engendered determinism perpetuated by anti-feminist, racist, homophobic, colonial and/or neoliberal entities.

Language is failing us. Us, who we are the poetics at the end of future. Us, who we are the agents of abstract in-betweens, the ungraspable, the comrades of imagination and dreams, of radical self-love and the undeterminable.

Language is failing us. It polices thoughts and spirits, it buries our imaginaries and desires in the name of corrupted syntactic organization.

Language is limiting our beginnings and ends. The guardians of language are deeming our poetry a failure, an ‘excess’ of their essentialism.

We are disentangling the debris of meaning for acts of communal world-making, for acts of resurgence of the non-logical, the non-semantic, the un-classifiable, the exopolitical. Enter our contingent worlds that embrace, celebrate and nurture poetical potency as a liberational force!



*Due to the current COVID-19 regulations, for the opening day we kindly ask you to register for one of the time slots by sending a short email to starsspeak2020@gmail.com.

Available slots:
2 – 2.30pm // 2.30 – 3pm // 3 – 3.30pm // 3.30 – 4pm // 4 – 4.30pm // 4.30 – 5pm // 5 – 5.30pm // 5.30 – 6pm // 6 – 6.30pm // 6.30 – 7pm // 7 – 7.30 // 7.30 – 8pm // 8 – 8.30pm // 8.30 – 9pm

Please wear a face mask in all exhibition rooms and keep 1m minimum distance to all persons not living in your household. At the entrance there is the possibility of registration to facilitate a potential contact tracing. We are looking forward to seeing you!




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