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KAZAKTIONISM - The Tale of Deeds

January 5th, 2024


Opening: 6PM
Performance: 7PM

Troubadours: Katalin Erdődi, Maria Vilkovisky, Ruthie Jenrbekova

Genre: A quasi-poetic recitation of the list of artistic and political actions in Kazakhstan.

‘The Tale of Deeds’ is a performative narration representing a selection of public actions from recent Kazakhstani history, supported by sound and projection. Performers sit in front of the audience with a slide projection on the wall behind them. One by another, they recite “The Tale of Deeds”, reading the text in a ritual chanting manner. The “Tale” is written as a list of short descriptions of various public actions which have taken place in Kazakhstan (mostly in Almaty) during the last decades. The list combines artistic performances with political actions undertaken by individuals as well as groups. Each action from the list is illustrated by a slide or a short video clip. Part of these actions belong to the history of Kazakhstani performance art, part of them constitute a very recent history of civil resistance and political protest against authoritarian rule. Strung on a thread of ritualistic chanting, these short descriptions of actions become a quasi-poetic recitation eulogizing various forms of civic consciousness, which have been emerging in Kazakhstan in the form of public performances and contributing to the ongoing transformations of Kazakh identity.

Duration: 60 minutes + Q&A

photo credits : Marisel Bongola 

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