VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs




Dear Mothers of Moloch!

Unite to bless our sacred streets,
to dwell in myth and mystery,
to nourish the fainting, anaemic body
of our neighbourhoods with words an attitude.

It’s our duty to cultivate the patina,
to foster the coming of age of our beloved moloch
and nourish her swollen, slothy flesh.

Let’s conjure mind, body and soul
in our fight against aseptic hygiene,
cleanness and sythetic sterility,
that shoreless boredom that was brought to us
by an obsolete establishment
in order to silence our call for freedom,
independence and souvereignity.

Let’s contaminate pavement and wall,
befoul window and door, smudge neatness and order.
Let’s inseminate our beloved immaculate maiden
with our souls most secret yearnings
allowing her to become the thousand – faced whore,
as it is her destiny,
and give birth to prosperity, diversity and ambiguity.

Together we stand, sisters in arms,

Tahubba Teene – Hoirret
Wanooru Yurte – Yorko
Flam Cheltuk
Gluse Trott
Rodgate Tunnjetodd
Girdel Risten


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