VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs


By Heart


Sound installation and ongoing research enquiry by Konstmusiksystrar 

Opening : 11. December 2019 at 7PM

Participating artists:
Agnes Kofoed Christianson
Antonia Barnett-McIntosh
Josefin Jalhed  
Kajsa Antonsson
Lo Ersare
Ragnhild May
Maj Kjærsig
Stellan Veloce
Maya Shenfeld
Zoe Efstathiou
Interviews and installation by Marta Forsberg, Anna Jakobsson and Rosanna Gunnarsson.

from memory

“Is it on? Yeah…eeh…we are just going to go straight into it… we asked you to speak about a person who has inspired you or informed your practice…or maybe moved you… in the past or more recently… so we’ll just start there and see where the conversation goes…”

The tradition of women organising in collectives and groups is a rich and significant part of feminist history. Though only a number of artists and theorists are remembered and spoken of today, it is important to remember that concepts and thoughts did emerge in clusters of conversations, rather than through separate individuals. 

What does it mean to work as a network? And how can we make sure that voices of today are spread as well as preserved for the future? How can we create conversations that expand over our own practices and interests (is that even possible)? How do these kinds of conversations sound? 

These are some of the questions that Konstmusiksystrar explores in the installation piece …by heart… Reflecting on VBKÖ’s 2019 theme “Resonating Heartbeats” Konstmusiksystrar came up with the idea to create a net of voices representing the members of our network. 

This summer we interviewed ten composers and sound based artists who generously shared their experiences of working in field marked of hierarchical and elist ideals. Instead of speaking about one’s own work we asked the participating artists to choose a person, who had inspired them and influenced their practice. Could this be a way to practice collectivity and resonance in a super individualistic world and industry? 

Konstmusiksystrar invite you to an intimate listening session with some beating hearts of today’s contemporary music scene.

Konstmusiksystrar (Sisters in Contemporary Music) is a network of artists, producers and educators. We are working to increase the representation of women, transgender- and non-binary people within the Swedish Contemporary Music and Sound Art scene. The network was founded in 2014 by Swedish composers and sound artists Marta Forsberg and Lo Kristenson who were students at the Royal College of Music at the time. Apart from the frustration of not feeling represented in music history and education, the idea of Konstmusiksystrar was born as a reaction to the low representation of female composers at the Young Nordic Music Festival in Malmö 2014. They wanted to gather as many women composers as possible and started an email chain in order to create a list of active composers based in Sweden. Today, the network consists of 155 members and the list grows longer every month.

Generously supported by STIM, FST, Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation, Sven and Dagmar Sahlén Foundation and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. And VBKÖ


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