VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs





SA 4. 7. 2015, 15:00 – 18:30, VBKÖ

presentations & discussions with *durbahn (bildwechsel / Hamburg), Arif Akkılıç (Archiv der Migration / Vienna), Sissi Kata (Stichwort / Vienna)

concept & organization (project group): Maren Luise Blume, Andrea Haas, İpek Hamzaoğlu, Franziska Kabisch, Ruth Lang, Juliane Saupe, Katharina Swoboda, Julia Wieger

WHAT CONSTITUTES A RESISTING ARCHIVE? Is it the documented realities – events, experiences, feelings? Is it the relations to hegemonic institutions and dominant narratives? HOW CAN ARCHIVING BECOME RESISTANCE? Is it about claims and demands? About making marginalized histories visible? Is it about practices of archiving? Is it about the contextualization of an archive, or the production of a space? About access or the creation of a public? CAN RESISTANCE BE ARCHIVED? What are the ways to capture it? In which language? How can one read it? And where are the limits of archiving? What cannot be kept in an archive? Can an atmosphere or attitude be saved?

The event will address three archives:
– the self-organized media project for women/media/culture bildwechsel,
– the working group Archiv der Migration (Archive of Migration),
– and the archive of the women’s and lesbian movement Stichwort.
There will be presentations, discussions, and a small workshop about the specific situations of these three archives. Furthermore, we want to discuss – together with the audience and our guests – the connections and relations between the archives. What does resistance mean in the different contexts of these three archives? How do politics of collecting come about? What does it mean to collect objects for these different archives? What are the relations between feminist archives and archives of migration? How do their contents or resistant practices coincide or contradict each other?

We, the organizing group of this event, have met on a regular basis since October 2014.
We were looking into queer feminist archives – first in a seminar at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and later on as a free project group preparing this event. Doing so, we have tried to connect our theoretical discussion with the concrete case of the VBKÖ archive. We will present parts of our research at this event.

We would like to invite you to participate in this exchange! After the discussions, there will be Food & Drinks and the possibility to continue with the conversations.

The presentations and discussions will be in German and English. We offer whisper translation if needed.

SA, 4. 7. 2015, VBKÖ

15:00: Intro

15:30: *durbahn (bildwechsel)

16:00: Arif Akkılıç (Archiv der Migration & Migration sammeln)

Pause / Break

16:45: Sissi Kata (Stichwort)

Inputs der Projektgruppe / Inputs by project group

Pause / Break

17:45: Diskussion / Discussion

18:30: Food & Drinks

Mit Unterstützung von / with support of:
Bundeskanzleramt, Kulturreferat der ÖH & Studienvertretung Bildende Kunst / Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien

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