The Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ) was founded in 1910 and began renting its historical premises shortly thereafter in Vienna’s first district, where it can be found today. The association belonged to the early movements of women artists, being a pioneer historically: it lobbied for women artists, for the improvement of their artistic, economic and educational conditions, and to increase their representation, organizing international collaborations.

Organizations, such as the VBKÖ, demonstrate the complexities and contradictions of contemporary feminist history-writing: This is where the emancipatory history of an artistic women’s movement, dating back to the days of imperialism and which still has yet be inscribed into official art history, meets the history of the collaboration with the Nazi regime. Through knowledge gaps – resulting from historical and internal fractures in the association’s own history – history-writing and research, in regard to National Socialism and the association’s class-specific and colonial entanglements, are more easily forgotten. One of the biggest challenges is, therefore, to continue building structures and initiating processes that enable the continual analysis of historical narratives anew, keeping processes of reflection active and making that knowledge public and discursive.

Today, the VBKÖ exists as a space for fostering contemporary feminist artistic agendas, offering a space for experiments and promoting political and activist work, in order to establish a new and vital connection between historical debates and contemporary queer, feminist art production.

One of the VBKÖ’s most recent endeavors has been the opening of the space for German lessons for refugees. Through the cooperation between activists and artists, a more interactive approach to learning and exchanging knowledges takes place in a more hands-on way. These free lessons are available to refugees who are unable to pay for German courses, who have been rejected from other institutions, or who need to supplement what they have learned from other German courses. Through the exchange with artists and the interaction with the space and artworks, the people are able to learn more practical and applied perspectives that they can bring to their everyday lives in Austria.

Advisory board:

Simonetta Ferfoglia, Lydia Hamann, Elizabeth Holzleithner, Monika Mokre, Gin Müller, Günay Özayli, Jelena Petrovic, Barbara Steiner (2016-2019)

Andrea Braidt, Ricarda Denzer, Doris Guth, Margarethe Makovec, Sushila Mesquita (2012-2016)

Studios: Catharina Bond, Veronika Dirnhofer, Hilde Fuchs, Julia Gaisbacher


Marja Nikolčič (2017)
Maximilian Steinborn (2016)
Anne Steinhagen (2014-15)
Urska Spitzer (2014)
Chloé Seon (2014)
Lisa Burgdorf (2014)
Fabian Fratzscher (2014)
Claudia Hanslmeier (2014)
Julia Gaisbacher (October 2013 – April 2014)
Ashley Bailey (September 2012 – March 2013)

Honorary member:
Mieke Bal
Nikolaus Benke
Veronika Dirnhofer
Hilde Fuchs
Roberta Lima
Hans Scheirl

Carla Bobadilla
Carla Cruz
Petja Dimitrova
Barbara Eichhorn
Zsuzsi Flohr
Fanni Futterknecht
Vinko Nino Jäger
Cornelia Kogoj
Elke Krasny
PINKY aka Martina Lehner
Sasha Pirker
Tina Ribarits
Nora Safranek
Janine Maria Schneider
Sabine Schwaighofer
Deniz Soezen
Hannah Winkelbauer

Following artists, theorists and researchers have realized projects, exhibitions, workshops, presentations and discussionsrounds at the VBKÖ since 2012:
Jamika Ajalon (2014)
Fahim Amir (2013)
Bernadette Anzengruber (2013)
Annemarie Arzberger (2014)
Florian Aschka (2014)
Anna Artaker & Meike S. Gleim (2013)
Elke Auer (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
Mieke Bal & Michelle Williams Gamaker (2012)
Jonathan Baldock (2013)
Wilhelm Binder (2014)
Mareike Bernien & Kerstin Schroedinger (2013)
Catharina Bond (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
Melanie Bonajo (2013)
Spencer Chalk-Levy Katka Csanyiova (2014)
Captain Cunt (2013)
Katrina Daschner (2013)
Paul DeFlorian (2013, 2014)
Ricarda Denzer (2014)
Carloa Dertnig (2014)
Nikita Dhawan (2013)
Veronika Dirnhofer (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
Iris Dittler
Verena Duerr (2013)
Barbara Eichhorn (2012, 2015)
[ekwit] (2014)
Johanna Fellner (2014)
Lizzy Fidler (2013, 2015)
Nina Frgic (2012)
Simon Foxall (2013)
Hilde Fuchs (2012, 2013, 2015, 2016)
Fanni Futterknecht (2012)
Julia Gaisbacher (2014, 2015, 2016)
gender et alia (Dagmar Fink und Katja Wiederspahn) (2014)
Daniela Grabosch (2014)
Doris Guth (2012)
Daniel Hafner (2013)
La Hagendorfer (2014)
Oliver Hangl (Wiener Beschwerdechor) (2013)
Maria Hahnenkamp (2013)
Veronika Hauer (2013)
Risk Hazekamp (2013)
Alina Helal & Jessyca R. Hauser (2012)
Nina Hoechtl (2013, 2015)
Moira Hille (2013)
Anna Hofbauer (2014)
Nora Hofbauer (2013)
Katrin Hornek (2014)
Matthias Julian (2013)
Krôôt Jurak (2013)
Johanna Kirsch (2013)
Klitcique (2013)
Georg Klüver-Pfandtner (2014)
Darina Kmetova (2013)
Anna Königshofer (2014)
Anna Krambeck
die kumpaninnen (2013)
Alina Kunitsyna (2013)
Katharina Lampert (2013)
Yvonne Lliuya (2014)
Roberta Lima (2013)
Luscious (2014)
Marissa Lôbo (2013)
Ahoo Maher (2012)
Sissi Makovec
Ralo Mayer (2013)
Ango the Meek Dead
Adelheid Mers (2012)
Nicole Miltner (2013)
Mothers of Moloch (2013)
Muniel Muniel (2014)
Lilo Nein (2012)
Offerus Ablinger / Hagendorfer (2014)
Denise Palmieri (2014)
Marion Porten (2014, 2015, 2016)
Candida Powell-Williams (2013)
Ursula Maria Probst (2013)
Nicole Pruckmayr (2013)
Heidemarie Pyringer (2012)
Red Min(e)d (2012)
Anja Ronacher (2013)
Cellulite Rose (2012)
Georgetta Rusalinda (2014)
Maruša Sagadin (2013)
Wally Salner (2014)
Andrea Salzmann (2014)
Toni Schmale (2013, 2014)
Ferdinand Schmatz (2014)
Anneliese Schrenk (2012)
Susanne Schuda
Em Schwarzwald (2012)
Sekretariat für Geister, Archivpolitiken und Lücken (2012, 2014, 2015)
Eileen Simpson & Ben White (2012)
Ruby Sircar (2012, 2013, 2015)
Julischka Stengel (2012)
Esther Straganz (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
Angela Strohberger
Sophia Süßmilch (2013)
Johanna Tinzl (2014)
Salvatore Viviano (2013)
Marianne Vlaschits (2012, 2013)
Angela Wiedermann (2012, 2013)
Julia Wieger (2012, 2013)
Tania Witte (2013)
Queering Yerevan (2013)
Manuela Zechner (2012)
Dorothea Zeyringer (2014)

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