The studios are mainly linked to a high interaction with the VBKÖ. All four artists are required to work for and support the projects and the everyday issues of the space. If something has to be fixed in the kitchen, a press release to be designed, documentary photos of the exhibitions or an opening needs a barkeeper…these four are up for the job.

Surrounded by the most vivid streets of Vienna, the VBKOE | ATELIERSseem like an artistic hideaway, where four artists have their studios. Andrea Salzman, Veronika Dirnhofer, Hilde Fuchs and Julia Gaisbacher share a lively space, where a diverse range of artistic practices can be found: from painting, performance, and photography to generally putting stuff together.



Veronika Dirnhofers work as a painter is essentially bound to the studio as a space of experimentation : “My interest in the work decreases as soon as it leaves the studio. In that moment when the process of editing stops, it in fact terminates completely.”


Gleis 1

 In her work Julia Gaisbacher explores the complex interconnections between social conventions in public space, architecture and representation in different media.


Als forschende Künstlerin basieren viele meiner Projekte auf einem elaborierten Konzept samt umfassenden Recherche- und Vorbereitungsarbeiten.Meine Methode entspricht durchwegs wissenschaftlichen Vorgangsweisen, indem ich auf Grund einer These eine Versuchsanordnung aufbaue, der das Experiment zur Prüfung der These folgt. Im Unterschied zur streng naturwissenschaftlichen Methode bediene ich mich allerdings auch wissenschaftlich (noch) nicht „gesicherter“ Materialien und Praxen, da es weniger um rein rational argumentierbare Beweisführungen als um die Erforschung (und Sichtbarmachung) ästhetischer Potenziale geht. Meine Arbeit umfasst Raum-/Video-/Objektinstallationen, Text-/Tonarbeiten, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum und seit 2001 experimentelle Performanceprojekte und körperdynamische Soziogramme.


In her work Andrea Salzmann deals with social compositions and the associated potential for political change. Her focus is not on a society that defines its connecting moment by fear and panic before the other, but on the contrary in an opening of debates, discourses and political actions. It is based on a feminist approach, in which it questions capitalist, patriarchal structures in a poetic, combative way always keeping an eye on another possible world.

The materials and references used for this purpose are diverse and deliberately not just assigned to one genre. She works in a mix between live performance and space installation, but also collages, videos and photography are part of her work.

She was born in Bregenz on Lake Constance, lives and works as a performance artist and dramaturge in Vienna and teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in the department of Performative Art. Most recently, she was artist in residence in Bilbao Arte and for 2019 she has the BKA’s 4-month residency in Yogjakrate: Sewon Art Space, Indonesia.



Catharina Bond‘s work deals with culturally constructed patterns of perception, especially socially determined norms and hierarchies as well as subversive mechanisms of communication which emerge from those structures. Those familiar and historically evolved frameworks are being questioned and reflected by introducing subtle modifications within their content or characteristics. Her last project a curator was realised in the Austrian Cultural Forum in London 2015/2016

Born in 1980 in Vienna, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna.
Studies of Business Administration at University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna (1998-2004), Art Management, Cultural and Creative Industries at Kings College in London (2005/06) and Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, at University College London and at Chelsea College of Art and Design (2008-2013). Solo and group exhibitions in Austria, the Netherlands and the UK.