Parallel Vienna 2019

24.–29. September 2019
at Parallel Vienna
Lassallestrasse 5, 1020 Vienna, Austria

Are We There Yet
Elke Auer and Toni Kochensparger
Mieke Bal
Veronika Burger
Claudia Sandoval-Romero
Louise Deininger
Sophie Dvorak & Andrea Salzmann
Hilde Fuchs
Minna Henriksson
Nina Höchtl & Julia Wieger
Nina Höchtl
Melanie Jackson
Vinko Nino Jaeger
Eisa Jocson
Hotel Butterfly
Multiple Spirits
Queer Southeast Asia: A Literary Journal of Transgressive Art
Mariel Rodriguez
Deniz Sözen
Christina Werner & Katharina Brandl
Christina Werner
Angela Wiederman
„Women’s Resource Center Armenia
(Ani Der-Grigorian, Marguerite Golabian, and Mayranush Gevorgyan)“
Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, or Casco Art Institute
Rab Rab Press
Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll
Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki
Amanda Piña/ nadaproductions
Anna Dobrucki & Anja Lückenkemper with AG16 & Anna Jehle
Krёlex zentre [Maria Vilkovisky & Ruthie Jenrbekova]
Anna Kinbom
Veronika Dirnhofer
Karolina Kucia
Katharina Luksch
Stefanie Wuschitz

In collaboration with:
Mika Maruyama
Aki Namba
Andreas Radlinger

“Everything I’ve ever done, in the writing world, has been to expand articulation, rather than to close it, to open doors, sometimes, not even closing the book — leaving the endings open for reinterpretation, revisitation, a little ambiguity”, Toni Morrison said of writing in a 1998 Salon interview. The format of publication grows in this expanded articulation for artists, activists, archivists, writers, and poets alike – words and worlds implode between sheets of paper – as the VBKÖ brings to the fore publications in their transformative and unravelling ways.