Regulation of Violence: On the Body, Otherness and the Crisis of (Human) Capital

Regulation of Violence:
On the Body, Otherness and the Crisis of (Human) Capital

A violent imposition of divide and conquer ideology is used to maintain a normalized status inside of the invisible borders that the „other“ is forced to protect. The body, therefore, replaces the border of this very regulation. The body receives direct and displaced violence, and through the continuous regulation of racial and gender stereotypes and divisions, it more visibly marks this pathological social dichotomy and acts as a landscape for global violence with the role as a de-territorialized colony of the empire.

A workshop / exhibition, consisting of talks, interviews, artworks, a discussion and a performance will examine the violent regulation the economy imposes onto life, bodies and society. Artistic, theoretical and activist positions will analyze how economic deregulation functions to regulate the social, with a focus on how gender and „otherness“ are produced, and which socially resistant practices hold relevance within this scenario. A booklet of interviews with the international contributors is included.

With Ricarda Denzer, Lina Dokuzović, Silvia Federici, Vlatka Frketić, Marina Gržinić, h.arta, Ana Hoffner, Ivana Marjanović, Sascha Reichstein, Johanna Schaffer, Khadija Sharife and Staša Zajović

Project realization by Lina Dokuzović

Workshop: October 3rd 2009, 3-7pm

Introduction by Lina Dokuzović (English)

Imposing Violence onto the Body of the „Other“
Vlatka Frketić, Johanna Schaffer

Strategies of Queer and Feminist Resistance
Ivana Marjanović (English)

Globalization and Women’s Labor (video screenings)
Sascha Reichstein, Ricarda Denzer

Discussion (English):
How Can We Relate Gender / Otherness, Class and Capital?
With Ricarda Denzer, Lina Dokuzović, Vlatka Frketić, Ana Hoffner, Ivana Marjanović, Sascha Reichstein and Johanna Schaffer

Exhibition opening:
Lecture performance by Ana Hoffner