Archive in Residence: 12.03–22.03.2008

Ovidiu Anton + David Bosch Pujadas + Michele Bressan + Caecilia Brown + Diana Duta + Gabriele Edlbauer + Irina Gheorghe + Christina Gillinger + Helmut Heiss + Julia Hohenwarter + Phillip Hohenwarter Katrin Hornek + Catalin Ilie + Cristian Iordache + Elvedin Klacar + Amelie Loy + Teresa Novotny + Ekaterina Obermair + Adrian Parvulescu + Alina Popa + Nora Rekade + Marusa Sagadin + Silvia Sencekova + Larisa Sitar + Gabriel Tempea + Anna Witt + Madalina Zaharia + Hannes Zebedin

If research on a particular geographic place is done from a distance with different possibilities and perspectives than the actual place, it is likely to lead to a different result than research done in the exact place? Does a real situation oppose the research that already includes a personal interpretation? Gathering information eventually leads to a personal archive, which creates a basis that enables oneself to rethink, work over or possibly drop the idea for the project realised later in the specific place. So temporary research shall work as the operational strategy. Where do I get the information from, how do I work with it, how do I reflect upon it? How does it influence my working process?In the process of our production these questions will be investigated and worked on. In what way does the approach to a specific thesis work in an unknown place? We will organise an exchange: Art students from Bucharest will work on/in Vienna, students from here will work on/ in Bucharest. We want to create a format and a space for socio-political and cultural discourse. By visualizing the shift of borders and broadening of the personal context and approach, we want to create an identity for this format of collaboration. The dialogue between resident and foreign artist will evolve through personal interest and approach towards their working strategies. What procedural method will develop within the research and the production of art when the relation of local and alien changes? Finally there will be exhibitions in Bucharest and Vienna to present the strategies the artists developed. What will it consist of? The research, the dialogue or an actual work of art?