Revolutionäre Systeme Aktualisieren/Tatsysteme Konfrontieren II


Für die künstlerischen Frauenbewegungen Österreichs hatte der Bruch durch das NS-Regime fatale Folgen. Er führte bis weit in das 20. Jahrhundert hinein zum Vergessen nahezu aller davor existierenden pionierinnenhaften individuellen wie institutionellen, frauenbewegten oder feministischen Ansätze.



The break during the NS regime had fatal consequences for the women’s movement in the arts in Austria. It has carried on long into the 20th century with the forgetting of nearly all of the previously existent pioneering individuals and institutions coming from women’s movements or a feminist departure. As unreconciled as this time still is to the “one” history, despite the “obsessive” discourses on memory and remembering, the circumstances prove that there is hardly any production of knowledge about the manifold destinies of resistant women (visual) artists, for example. Does that then mean that there is still a break or a relavitism of the NS still in operation? Or which valency might that still have in the artistic everyday? Of interest are, among others, the overall continuities in action, which may account for current queer/feminist projects.

Updating Revolutionary Systems, Confronting Perpetratory Systems I, II and III
Greeting and introduction/tour: Rudolfine Lackner (President of the VBKÖ)

Veza Canetti, Mona Lisa Steiner
Project Presentation: Hilde Fuchs (Artist, Vienna)

Resistant Artistic Production against Systems – Life Realities, Ideologies
“Women. Resistance. Art. Women Artists in a Struggle for Freedom”
Workshop by MANINA: Introduction by Irene Suchy, Judith Kohlenberger on Vilma Eckl, Christine Kohlmayr on Lotte Tell-Lang and Margarete Berger-Hammerschlag, Sophie Mayr on Trude Waehner as well as Sebastian Pastuschek on Marianne Nechansky

Historiographic State of the Discourse on Women and Women Artists in NS-Resistance
Workshop by Karin Nusko (Cultural Scientist, Vienna)

Women Artist Education “In a Deaf, Reactionary Milieu“
Women at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich between Adaptation and Resistance (1920–1945)
Lecture: Meike Hopp (Art Historian, Munich)

Intervention in and reconfiguration of fascist manifestations in the (semi-)public space
Project Presentation: Plattform Geschichtspolitik, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Politicizing the Everyday
Project presentation and discussion between Reni Hofmüller (Artist,, Graz) and Brigitte Bargetz (Political Scientist, IFK Vienna)

Feminist Media Production in Europe: A Survey
Lecture: Rosa Reitsamer (Sociologist, Wien)

But which Transcendent Resistant Implications are at Stake here?

All Presentations in German

On the occasion of the centennial anniversary, a program for the year will be presented, which is composed of theoretical activities and a growing annual exhibition. Currently, works by Amanda Amaan/Rudolfine Lackner, Elke Auer/Esther Straganz, Linda Bilda, Veronika Dirnhofer, Lina Dokuzovic, Drogerie and Nino Jaeger are on display. All of the activities refer to the historical origin of the VBKÖ in the androcentric totalities of institutions and to current links of resistance predominantly imprinted by feminism.

Curator: Rudolfine Lackner

Symposium: 12. Juni 2010

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